Information about the Association Porta Speciosa

a Network on Skill And Craft And on Research of Hungarian Architectural Heritage

In 1995 sets up a claim to establish a mutual co-operation and informative forum for those experts who thake part in professional maintenance and care for architectural heritage. The building as an authentic document gives ground for this Assiciation in which everyone and everything involved in it - from training to research, from the skilled workwrs to the engineers, from the vocational schools throughout the craftsmen's association to offices - should find and make stronger their common interest in conservation of the built cultural heritage. "Porta Speciosa" means in medieval eloquent Latin "Ornate Portal" they were called entrance doors in Esztergom and Pannonhalma. This denomination wants to express its openess, penetrability and the respect for heritage.

Extract from the Constitution


1.  Being aware of the necessity of the profound research and skilled craftmanship needed in the research, maintenance and protection of historical monuments, the Assosociatoin Porta Speciosa was found to co-ordinate this vast Work on the base of the Convention of Granada (Nr. 121,) of the Council of Europe:

•  It's responsible for the exchange of informations, profesoinal co-ordination and bringing into existence a Documentation Centre
•  It has to stimulate the vocational training, the active participation in the organisation work giving out trade recommendation
•  It's going to promote and establish professional contacts, trade programmes both international and national ones
•  It encourages puplication activities

2.  The Assosociatoin Porta Speciosa favours through its legal personality the activity of the Hungarian work group of the expert group for training heritage skill and craft of the Conseil of Europe

Chairman: György VIZI Director: Dr. Konstantin VUKOV

1077 Budapest, Wesselényi u. 73

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